Frequently Asked Questions

Medimobile is a medical practice operating throughout Australia and New Zealand that offers onsite, workplace Influenza (flu) vaccinations. We were founded by Dr Kirsten Baulch MBBS FRACGP in 2003, and Dr Baulch remains as our Medical Director to the present day. In 2016, we vaccinated over 210,000 people against flu, making us the largest provider of workplace flu vaccination services in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our customers are businesses and government departments across Australia and New Zealand who wish to protect their employees from flu.

Our customers pay the costs of our nurses visiting their workplace, as well as the cost of the vaccines. As per the legislation, none of the cost of an employer-initiated health initiative can be billed to Medicare.

We employ approximately 340 specialist endorsed Immunisation Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and registered Doctors who work within our team and travel to workplaces and clinics in cities, towns and remote communities to bring a high quality, personalised service to businesses of any size in any location.

  • Australia’s leading provider – Over 10 years’ experience specialising exclusively in workplace flu programs
  • Australia’s largest workforce of Nurse Immunisers, Nurse Practitioners, and Doctors offers you choice and redundancy that no other provider can offer
  • Most highly qualified team – Operated by our Medical Director who is supported by a team of 300 Nurse Immunisers and six General Practitioners providing free telephone medical advice to your employees via our medical advice hotline
  • Highly developed bespoke online booking system provides a service of unparalleled ease and reliability for your organisation
  • Free Mobile App (FluApp) offering a world-first educational experience and enhanced booking features for your employees
  • FluKits, our cold and flu education and prevention kits, available for you to purchase for your employees if you wish
  • Registered and insured in all States, Territories and regions to ensure the highest level of compliance with all legislation governing the operation of workplace flu programs
  • Trusted by over 4000 businesses annually to deliver a quality medical service, on time, with the highest level of care
  • The best service. The finest care. Experience the Medimobile difference.

As you may be aware there were two different influenza vaccines available in 2016 (Trivalent and Quadrivalent), the Trivalent vaccine is no longer available in Australia so Medimobile will only be offering the Quadrivalent vaccine this year. The Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV) aims at giving even broader protection than the old Trivalent vaccine by providing protection against one extra strain of influenza. The Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV) protects against four strains of influenza (two A strains and two B strains).